Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

This week, WordPress has challenged photographers to post images of water. Since I made some images this weekend that fit the theme, it seemed like a good time to share.


Low water at Anderson Ranch Reservoir in Idaho.


Reflection of the Sawtooth Mountains in Little Redfish Lake, Stanley, Idaho, looks like an upside-down watercolor painting.

That’s it for this week. Let’s see your water art!


Today’s Word Press photo challenge is Seasons. We can use photography to illustrate a weather season, season in our life, or however we choose to show a season. Since our winter was relatively mild, and currently, the temperatures are downright spring-like, I’ve chosen to show the winter season through the dazzling sunsets. Since returning west from Boston, I am once again able to enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets on my commute to and from work, without worrying about missing brake lights ahead of me. It’s been a welcome change. While the Boston area also has stunning sunrises and sunsets, I have chosen to show you some from my home in Eastern Oregon. Winter is the time when we have more clouds, making the morning and evening even more beautiful.


Sunset, Ontario, Oregon, Feb. 11, 2016.


Sunset over Rimrock, Adrian, Oregon, Feb. 11, 2016

The latter image was made from my front yard. We have an amazing view, particularly in the evenings. The two images were made less than 30 minutes apart, approximately 22 miles north/south.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

The challenge this week is to show photos you’ve made while on your way to another place. I have a long plane ride tonight, but in the meantime (since I’m already late on this, last week’s challenge), here are some photos from a train trip a couple years ago from a train station in New Haven, Connecticut, to Grand Central Station, New York.




I loved the train seats – such a retro feel!

If you want to play along, here are the rules. Then post a link to your blog here, so we can all enjoy. As always, click any picture to see it full-screen.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

A couple weeks late for this challenge, but to say we’ve been snowed in would be a gross understatement. The fourth major snowstorm to hit the northeast in, I believe, 22 days, visited us this weekend in the form of a blizzard named “Winter Storm Neptune,” and dropped two feet of snow on top of the 7-8 feet we already had at our house. Waking up yesterday morning, I was glad that our house is built on an elevated basement; otherwise, our doors would both have been completely covered in the drifted snow. Today, we dug out from our back stairs to our cars, then added a path through which the cars will be able to leave and enter the driveway. These photos give some idea of the depth of the snow we’re dealing with.




Making this even more difficult to deal with, my friends and family from home find it amusing to let me know that it’s in the 60s there, and spring flowers have started blooming.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


Our challenge this week is to post photos of signs. One of my favorites. I love shooting signs, as you can see by looking at Sign of the Times category on my blog https://ididitforjohnny.wordpress.com/category/sign-of-the-times/. My interpretation of what they mean might not be what the creators envisioned. The photo above, for instance, requires me to add: “Because they bite.”

More favorites: https://ididitforjohnny.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_4194.jpg

To get in on the fun, click here http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/signs/ for instructions.