St. Ignatius, MT – Travel Photo Mondays

Once again, I’m joining Noel and his friends in Travel Photo Mondays, this time in small-town southwestern Montana. St. Ignatius was named for the mission church built more than a century ago, and which still stands. Fundraising is currently underway to assist in saving the frescoes painted inside the church. A really beautiful sight. The town also has converted a large, red barn into a playhouse, where various productions are performed.

A few photos, most of the mission.




A Word A Week Challenge: Underneath

So many directions one could go with this challenge! This week, the dictionary fell open to the word underneath, so here are a few photos I think rise to the challenge (see what I did there? No? OK).


At the National Zoo in Washington, DC, a person can be literally underneath the chimpanzee as it travels via overhead lines.


Inside the Jefferson Memorial.


Underneath snowy tree branches.


Too obvious, maybe, but underneath, nonetheless.


We like to pretend this is a window in the Death Star.

What do you think? Do you have any photos that say “underneath”? Get over to A Word in Your Ear and share, silly!