Failed Snowy Owl Hunt

We took our cameras out to the Mass Audubon wildlife preserve on Plum Island today, in search of the elusive snowy owl. We were unsuccessful in our hunt, but we did see a large number of snowy plovers, so that counts for something, I’d like to think.




Cute little guys, aren’t they?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This week’s photo challenge is: escape, which has many different meanings. I am going to interpret it with one simple photo, shot at Sandy Neck, Mass., (on Cape Cod, near Barnstable). This looks like a lovely place to escape – from day-to-day life, from other people, from noise – even from your kids, if that’s your idea of a peaceful few hours. Unfortunately, as serene as this scene looks, it was shot from a boat, the path of which went right past this serene scene, and which was joined by many, many other boats. Fishermen, whale watchers, day-trippers – all interrupting the solitude of the scene. I still wouldn’t mind escaping there for a few hours (at least until high tide!).