St. Ignatius, MT – Travel Photo Mondays

Once again, I’m joining Noel and his friends in Travel Photo Mondays, this time in small-town southwestern Montana. St. Ignatius was named for the mission church built more than a century ago, and which still stands. Fundraising is currently underway to assist in saving the frescoes painted inside the church. A really beautiful sight. The town also has converted a large, red barn into a playhouse, where various productions are performed.

A few photos, most of the mission.




Stranger in Milan

I’m having a battle with my computer, so allow me to pre-apologize for the errors which are bound to happen.

Once again, my graduate program has provided me the opportunity for a fantastic study abroad program (not study a broad – I checked); this time, in Florence and Cagli, Italy. I flew into Milan late last night and spent much of today walking around, exploring, and crashing a wedding.

Some of my favorite images are here:


OK, you got me. This was not Milan. It was the Boston-to-Istanbul leg of the journey, and this little one was enthralled by Turkish Air’s flight safety video.


Flower girls. I did mention I crashed a wedding, right?


No idea what this little one’s role was. She walked down the aisle just before the bride’s parents, and stole the show.


Bridegroom, awaiting permission to enter the church.


The bride, in all her glory. That veil kept going, and going, and going …


The couple at the altar of a fabulous church.


Some detail from the church.



If someone can explain to me why Baby Jesus lives inside Saturn, I’m listening.


A little public art in the piazza in front of the church.


Looking down a side street at men selling knock-off purses.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow involves a train trip to Florence, and the possibility of photos along the way.

As always, click on any picture to see it larger. Thanks for visiting!

Churches of Colombia (not all of them, silly – just the ones I’ve photographed so far!)

No visit to Colombia would be complete without wandering through random churches, occasionally while services are taking place. Sunday was Election Day in Colombia, so several churches were closed (as were many businesses, and the place we had dinner had to be convinced to sell us beer. For a minute, I thought I was in Idaho). So, this isn’t an exhaustive post about Colombian churches, it’s a short post which includes pictures and almost no information about the few churches I’ve seen – most in Buga, and two in Cali. Image

Basilica del Senor de los Milagros de Buga – rumor has it that years ago, a woman found a piece of wood that was shaped like a cross, and had an image of Jesus on it. She took the wood home, and it grew, and continued to grow. Unclear at this point whether she still owned it, or gave it to the church, but people started taking pieces of the miraculous cross home, until one day, it was decided that the cross and image were no longer identifiable, thus must be destroyed. The wood was set on fire, and immediately began sweating, and regenerating itself. So, the church built a grand basilica to celebrate the miracle. The cross, now encased in gold, is inside, in a room behind the altar of the cathedral. So, Senor de los Milagros is the name given the cross and image, and the cathedral/basilica is named for him/it.


Inside the (very festive) basilica. In the photo above, you can see a portion of the cross through the window – far grander than when it was discovered, one can hope.


Temple de Santo Domingo. One can only assume from the electrical wires that the inside was amazing. No idea. Locked up tight.


Church of the Apostle San Pedro, Buga. That. Is a lot of gold. An elderly woman pointed out the baptismal font made of stone, and assured us she had been baptized in that very font. One can assume, at the turn of the 19th century. No! I am not that mean! In the 1940s!


Iglesia De San Francisco De Asís, Buga.


Inside the chapel at the university where we’re being housed/studying.


From the outside.


Iglesia de San Antonio. Another rumor for you. If you’re a female, wishing and praying to find a man (then you have serious issues which I am not qualified to address!), find a statue of St. Antonio, and turn it upside-down, store it that way in your bedroom (presumably) and you’ll find your man. This isn’t the time or place, but if you’re that desperate to find a man, seriously, get a hobby! (Start a blog – something!). Great church, at the top of a mountain where hipsters hang out, and artisans have businesses at the base. Awesome. Plus, if the photo is any indication, they regularly put nuns in time-out. Girlfriend seemed to be praying to the door for forgiveness. I hope it worked, and that whatever her indiscretion was, it was worth it. I’m sure it was, since this was happening a few feet from the door:

Worth a few minutes in time-out, no?