What’s Your Favorite Pick-Up Line?

The other day, I was thinking about pick-up lines; wondering if people still use them, and whether they ever work. Do you have a go-to line to let people know you’re interested?

What is it? Any fun stories of success or rejection?

What pick-up lines have you heard? Did they work? Share  your story!

When I was an undergrad (years and years ago), I was in the college cafeteria getting lunch. A  young man walked up to me and asked, “Excuse me, do you work out? I couldn’t help but notice the extraordinary muscle tone of your calves.” I was wearing heels, but was also genetically blessed with very large, muscular calves (and if you think mine are impressive, you should see my brother’s!). I blew the guy off, and moments later, another young man approached. “Excuse me, do you wrestle alligators?” We laughed at how silly the other guy was, and I ended up having lunch with him and his group of friends, two of whom have become lifelong friends of mine. I dated the guy briefly, but his weekend habit of wandering to the freshman dorms to “make out” with freshmen seemed counterproductive to any future together.

I still think of that line, however, and remember a simpler time.

OK, your turn.