Travel Theme: Multicolored

This week’s Travel Theme is Multicolored (sorry, Ailsa, I spelled it correctly) ;). How convenient that a carnival hit our little neighborhood tonight? Hubby and I, after both having a stressful several weeks at work, wandered over, and had a grand time people-watching, and trying to get the perfect photos. It was just the relaxed evening we needed.




Fun carnival, lots of colors and lights. If you have a photo you think shows the theme “mulitcolored,” join in the fun! Go to Ailsa’s blog for instructions. It’s easy!

Lights in an alley

These lights hanging above an alley in Providence, RI, caught my eye, and then my lens, as well. I also love the light reflected on the building in the background.

Home Again

I’ve spent the past two weeks back home, enjoying my family and friends, and in just two more days, go back to the isolation of the big city. I haven’t spent a lot of time with a camera in my hands, but did make this image Christmas day. My brother’s lens, with the lights of the chandelier over my dining room table reflected in it.