Quidditch for Muggles

Last weekend, Hubby and I attended a East Region Championship quidditch match in Brookline, Mass., featuring the Boston Night Riders vs. the New York Titans. Boston won the two games we watched, and according to the team’s website, won the third, as well. Some of my favorite photos from the day:








As always, click on any image to embiggen.

Travel Theme: The Four Elements

In this week’s Travel Theme, Ailsa challenges us to share photos that show earth, air, wind and fire. What I learned while looking through photos is that some of those elements are difficult to illustrate, and that often, more than one is present. Here is my attempt:


Water. With a grey harbor seal to add interest. This was at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary near the tip of Cape Cod, May, 2013.


Air, since the heron couldn’t fly without it, and also seen in the mist in the background. This could easily have been a photo illustrating water, as well. This was at Walden Pond, near Concord, Mass., fall of 2012.


This is my best attempt at earth. Rock formations caused by movements in the earth’s tectonic plates, trees growing out of the earth, and again, water. This was upstate eastern New York, fall of 2012.


The fire photo once again includes water. This was at WaterFire in Providence, RI, last summer. A fun event, if you’re in the neighborhood.

Travel Theme: Benches

Today, Ailsa is challenging us to show off photos of benches. How did she know I had been wanting to post photos of a series of very artistic benches in O’Hare Airport in Chicago? But, naturally, I can’t stop with just those benches. I have so many more. Sigh. I do it to you again, friends. Here are waaaay too many bench photos to wade through.

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Do you have any bench photos to share? If you don’t, you’ve got plenty of time – a whole week! – to get outside and start shooting. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves

Joining the fray at Cee’s place, where this week, the challenge is to share photos of circles and curves. I have a couple favorites out of this group of photos. I’ll be interested to know whether my favorites are your favorites.


Inside a tree at Arnold Arboretum.


A blossom, or nearly so, also at the arboretum.


A cactus which a co-worker rescued from certain death, and has been nursing back to health.


Fencing in Rochester, NY.


Fencing in Houghs Neck, Mass.