Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

This week’s Word Press photo challenge is “signs.” Regular readers of my blog will recognize that this challenge is right up my alley. If you look in my category archives for “Sign of the Times,” you’ll see several posts showing signs that are funny, odd, misspelled, or confusing.

Today, though, I’m going to share the first sign I ever photographed (technically, my daughter photographed it for me when she was in fourth grade, because I thought her teacher would be suspicious if I took the photo, but would be less so if a kid did it). This was on the wall above a metal basket, into which the teacher placed graded papers. Naturally, she was intending the sign to be a prompt to the students to feel free to deliver the graded papers to their classmates. I, naturally, read it a different way.


An honest mistake, right?

Have you seen any funny signs? Want to play along? Feeling alarmed? Head over to Word Press and follow the instructions. It’s easy, and it’s fun.