Today’s Word Press photo challenge is Seasons. We can use photography to illustrate a weather season, season in our life, or however we choose to show a season. Since our winter was relatively mild, and currently, the temperatures are downright spring-like, I’ve chosen to show the winter season through the dazzling sunsets. Since returning west from Boston, I am once again able to enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets on my commute to and from work, without worrying about missing brake lights ahead of me. It’s been a welcome change. While the Boston area also has stunning sunrises and sunsets, I have chosen to show you some from my home in Eastern Oregon. Winter is the time when we have more clouds, making the morning and evening even more beautiful.


Sunset, Ontario, Oregon, Feb. 11, 2016.


Sunset over Rimrock, Adrian, Oregon, Feb. 11, 2016

The latter image was made from my front yard. We have an amazing view, particularly in the evenings. The two images were made less than 30 minutes apart, approximately 22 miles north/south.

Basking in Sunset’s Glow


The model arched her back as she struck a pose for the camera, milking the last of the day’s light …

OK, sorry. I lost my head there for a minute. As did the model. Seeing as how it’s a man. Me: “I’m going to take a picture of that man sitting over there, with the sun behind him.” Walk over, focus camera. “Wait, I thought that was a man. Maybe there were two people, and I didn’t see the woman before.” Shoots two or three frames. Looks again. The man turns to face a different direction.