Supermoon Eclipse

At the risk of being the 10,000th WordPresser to post photos of tonight’s eclipse, here are two of mine. I haven’t gone through the entire set yet, just grabbed two that looked promising.


Almost to full eclipse.


The full eclipse. From our vantage point in Quincy, Mass., just south of Boston, there was a glow on the bottom right throughout the entire process of full eclipse. Exaggerated by the camera, as well.

As always, to see the photos larger, click on them. Thanks for viewing!

Not-So-Super Moon

Tonight, we climbed the viewing tower at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, hoping to capture an awesome photo of the Supermoon rising over the city of Boston. Instead, it was so hazy, we weren’t able to see the moon until it was quite a distance above the skyline. Very disappointing. Nonetheless, we were able to make some images, and these are my favorites.



Hopefully others who attempted to get that shot had more luck with the atmosphere than we did.