Orchards in Bloom

A friend mentioned that the orchards near his workplace were in full bloom, so we went out to see if the assessment was accurate. Yes and no. We saw some fully-blossoming orchards, and others that were a week or two away from blossoming. Still saw some lovely scenery, and it’s nice to see that grapes and wineries haven’t completely taken over the area that used to be completely covered in fruit orchards.


Pretty sure this was a cherry tree.


Cherries, or possibly plums.


I don’t know – you tell me. Cherries?

Travel Theme: Ripples

I have one photo that’s predictable for the theme, and one that’s a little out of the box. Every week, Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack gives us a theme to work with, and we’re to find photos to match the theme. This week, ripples.

First, the predictable:


Next, not-so-predictable:


Wrinkles, ripples. I don’t see a difference.

If you want to play along, head over to Ailsa’s place for the rules!



The shadow of a tree, with a few leaves still hanging on, as seen on a concrete monument. It’s interesting that a couple of the leaves actually look like birds. The image is a little creepy, but also interesting. What’s your take?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves

Joining the fray at Cee’s place, where this week, the challenge is to share photos of circles and curves. I have a couple favorites out of this group of photos. I’ll be interested to know whether my favorites are your favorites.


Inside a tree at Arnold Arboretum.


A blossom, or nearly so, also at the arboretum.


A cactus which a co-worker rescued from certain death, and has been nursing back to health.


Fencing in Rochester, NY.


Fencing in Houghs Neck, Mass.