Niagara Falls

A weekend trip to Niagara Falls and surrounds ended with multiple photos of the Falls, in daylight and at night, for their daily fireworks show. As always, click any image to enlarge.

Cooling Off on a Hot Day

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The city of Eagle, Idaho, hosts a yearly event called “Family Fun Days,” the highlight of which, for many, is the Rocky Mountain Oyster feed (Google Rocky Mountain Oysters. You won’t be disappointed). For others, the highlight is the parade, during which firefighters and people on floats regularly douse parade-watchers on the side of the road with cold water. Over the years, the people have learned to fight back, with ever-more-powerful water guns, and by packing in buckets and bins full of water for reloading. A very fun event, and these are a very few of my favorite image from this year’s event.

Travel Theme: Frozen

This week, Ailsa has challenged us to show frozen photos from our travels. Despite what are normal (non-frozen) temperatures in our area this fall, I’ve been a few cold places with my handy-dandy camera.

Mt. Greylock, North Adams, Mass.

Mt. Timpanogos, Sundance, Utah.

Hoping it doesn’t get cold at home for three or four months. I definitely hope things don’t turn out like last year.