Travel Theme: Frozen

This week, Ailsa has challenged us to show frozen photos from our travels. Despite what are normal (non-frozen) temperatures in our area this fall, I’ve been a few cold places with my handy-dandy camera.

Mt. Greylock, North Adams, Mass.

Mt. Timpanogos, Sundance, Utah.

Hoping it doesn’t get cold at home for three or four months. I definitely hope things don’t turn out like last year.


Ghost town in southeastern Idaho

Hubby and I rode with a friend to Silver City, Idaho, on Saturday. I’ve been aware of this popular tourist destination for much of my adulthood, but had never made the trek. I’d like to pretend it’s because I don’t have a four-wheel-drive vehicle (required to make the drive), but with my dad owning a 4-w-d pickup and living a mile away, that excuse doesn’t fly. Having visited other ghost towns, I was surprised to encounter so many other people – we saw at least 50 UTVs in the town and on the road to and from, and was also surprised that so much of the town had been restored, and had people residing in the buildings.

Some of the architecture of the ghost town. Some buildings have been meticulously restored (school, church), others have been allowed to disintegrate (still-operating hotel and restaurant).

Random scenes from around the town. Notice the sign on the (working, but padlocked) outhouse declaring tours were by appointment only. These country folk have a sense of humor. The town also has public outhouses in convenient locations.

The town’s cemetery (not cemetary, as the sign proclaims) is a short walk, or one-lane drive, up a small hill. At the bottom is the “Odd-Fellows” cemetery, where members of the organization can be buried. At the top is the “citizens cemetery,” for residents of Silver City. Sadly, if the headstones are to be believed, many of the residents are “Unknown” (middle photo). Because of the age of many of the graves, I believe that the stones degraded with age, and possibly were vandalized, and the cemetery didn’t have accurate records to show who was buried where.

If you’re ever in southwestern Idaho and have six to eight hours to spare, and access to a four-wheel-drive, make your way to Silver City. It’s a lovely experience, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.




The last four days, weather predictions were for rain, lightning, thunder, fire, wind, but none of that came to pass. Tonight there were new warnings. Predictions said there was a storm passing just north of us, and another with us in the middle. Those were supposed to hit 5-5:30 p.m. At 8, Hubby suggested it was time for our nightly walk. Sitting in the basement, I looked at the (basement) window, to see only grey. Then I thought about the time, and how it should look normally. Somehow, this convinced me to take on the walk. For the record, I got word of the nasty storm at 4-ish, and went outside about 5, hoping for photos. Checked it for the next two hours, and decided past history was playing out today. Big clouds, no backup.

Friends to the south of us declared such things as  “gulley washers,” and I was all, “this fake storm is all wind and dust.” On our walk, it became clear very quickly that wind and dust were the biggest problems we’d face. I still feel the need to take a shower … 🙂

We were past the halfway point (and past my safety net – my brother’s house) when the rain started coming in our face. I hid behind Hubby, and told him he was my storm protector. That’s the exact moment (almost) that a neighbor stopped and asked if we needed a ride. We’re both super concerned about the neighbors laughing at us. What? Is that only me? OK. Neighbor: Do you need a ride? Hubby: walking apace: No, thank you. Me, walks to the neighbor (Dave, if anyone asks)’s pickup, and says, “contrary to rumor, I don’t melt when wet.” Hoping above all hope that I don’t get much wetter than I am at the moment. Walked another quarter mile, then took a sharp right turn, which, for the most part, benefited us, due to trees on the west side of the road, blocking the rain from hitting us. Halfway through that stretch, I realized I was losing the wet t-shirt contest to my husband. Damn you, bra!


july sunset

Better Late Than Never

I have tried and tried to upload new posts to this site since December, and have failed miserably (OK, it was WordPress, not me). Still, She Persists.

These are some of my latest photographic efforts, but if WP actually posts, you may be seeing a glut of past stuff. 🙂