When Good Dives Go Bad

Had some fun watching a group of kids play in the water yesterday evening. Several took turns jumping off the boardwalk and into the water. This dive didn’t end exactly as planned. I think it’s fair to say he did not stick the landing.




15 thoughts on “When Good Dives Go Bad

  1. My stomach hurts just looking at that. Holy crap! With that said, I can’t remember the last time my youth and vigor tempted me to jump in the air and do a somersault (water or no). I just walked outside and did 5 cartwheels on the side of our building. I work in a woodshop and you should SEE the looks on the big burly men’s faces…LOL! But they smiled. You touched lives in Idaho with these pics! ;o)

    • Pictures or it didn’t happen. That must have been fun, though. Freeing, even! I have to say, there was a general groan of pain from our little group when he went into the water. Ouch! Oh, for the days of youth and immortality.

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