Easter Fun

Yesterday was a big day. It was the day I’ve been awaiting for many years. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday, and this was the day we became the same age! Just think, every year from here on out, she’ll be older than me. I could get used to this. Do you think she’ll send me money?

Yesterday was also the day that the Houghs Neck Community Council hosted its annual Easter Bunny Fun Day in the local church hall. Parents and kids decorated cookies, made masks and other crafts, and played Easter-themed games (though this egg toss was nothing like those of my youth. Nary a yolk splatter to be seen). And just when you thought the fun level couldn’t get any higher, the Easter egg hunt! Mother Nature cooperated, and gave us a mild day, which we all appreciated.

As my regular readers know, self-editing has never been my strong suit, so you get to see my favorites, even if that means a few lower-quality images get through. I can’t help myself.

What are your Easter plans? This is our second Easter away from our family – we had intended to be away for a long weekend, but plans have changed, so we’ll be home. I suppose I ought to purchase a ham, so we have some semblance of a celebration.


This little girl and her big sister had identical shoes, but neither girl held still for long, so I had to settle for a photo of just one pair.


Another cutie who didn’t spend much time in one place. Until they gave her a cookie …


An adult put Vaseline on the tips of the kids’ noses, then they raced to see who could pick up four cotton balls and deposit them into a bowl, the fastest.


He had a little trouble with the off-loading process.


A ballerina in the house!


Spoons were provided for the decorating of cookies, but were often ignored.





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