Thanks, Mother Nature!

Just want to take a minute to thank Mother Nature for the break in the weather. Yesterday, I was out running errands and TOOK OFF MY JACKET. That’s right. Shirtsleeves. It was marvelous. We’ve been warned to expect another “event” next week, but to celebrate this short run of nice weather, and in anticipation of nicer weather to come, I’ve gone back in my archives to bring you spring. Enjoy it.





Stay warm, everybody!

8 thoughts on “Thanks, Mother Nature!

    • You are lucky! They’re beautiful! Hope that doesn’t turn into dry, hot and smoky in July and August! A couple years ago, the roses in Boston were still blooming in December. That was a great winter. 😉

      • Actually, our 4-year old drought is so bad that they put us back in fire risk season in January, even though it’s not supposed to start until May. We’ve definitely had some great weather compared to the rest of the country, but it’s a disaster here.

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